Easy setup like run a bike!

You can use Notification Panda even if you don't know coding.

Three steps

Step 1: Create a campaign
Step 2: Create a notification
Step 3: Publish

This is simple like that!

Reporting & Analysis

When you are tracking your campaigns and notifications, the graphics are really easy to understand with these metrics;

- Clicks
- Impressions
- Mouse Hovers
- Form Submissions and more...

What's new?

- Free setup support!

- Easy dashboard and settings access.

- Ready to install native Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce Magento apps.

- Funny, changeable notification designs. (color, shape, speed etc)

- Display different notifications on mobile and desktop at the same time.

- All notifications can be triggered all pages or the page you want.

- Data collection from visitors. (surveys and e-mail subscriptions)

- Notifications display in nine different places on the page.

- Display frequency can be arranged according to request.

- Time-adjusted work.

Notification Preview

Choose any type of notification and preview it live.

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